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Tips for choosing the right renovation company

If you are looking to make a home renovation like adding more space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal, or simply making it more comfortable, the most important decision may be choosing the right contractor.

Having a suitable and experienced contractor guarantees that the investment and the job assigned to the right hands will result in the project being completed according to the outlined plans, without any problems or inconveniences.

A poorly executed project can, in the worst case scenario, make your home uninhabitable or turn it into a very distant space from what we want, also causing additional expenses that the owner will most likely have to assume in order to complete or correct any error or problem.

Due to the reasons above, it is so important that a suitable contractor who can comply with everything planned is chosen, someone who promises quality and real deadlines and who also adheres to the quoted budget.

Here is a summary of basic tips to follow in order to make sure the contractor you are looking for has everything it takes to become the trusted professional your project requires.

Determine the location and period of existence of the company

A very important point is to choose a contractor that has a fixed address, in other words, a service office established in a place that can be accessed in the event of claims, disagreements with the quality of the project, among others.

In the case of contractors that lack companies or physical contact offices, it reduces the client’s possibility of preparing a claim or expecting a refund, if the situation so warrants.

Before choosing a contractor, take the time to find out the location of his office and visit it to check the reliability of the business and if it is really worth making the decision to hire it. It is also important to find out about the possible deals that the contractor has recently carried out and if it has worked in the community.

Another aspect is that as clients, we must contact the Association of Regional Builders to determine the suitability of the contractor and possible references that they can provide us. At the contractor’s offices, find out if they have the appropriate bond or license and if they are valid and comply with the laws of the state where the project will be carried out; investigate previously if your state requires a construction license.

Also, make sure to know if the contractor in question has the essential workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Please refer to these documents to verify the reach of the coverage provided along with their validity.

Go to your neighborhood consumer protection office

Your local consumer protection office is the best area for homeowners to find out if any official claims have already been filed against a particular community or regional contractor. You can also look for complaints at any Better Business Bureau offices.

Do not forget that all businesses may have 1 or 2 complaints against them, however, a large number of complaints must be considered as a red flag.

Request references and contact them

As a client, ask the companies of the contractors in question to present you with references from previous clients or selected projects that are related or similar to the one you currently want to carry out.

Take time to contact previous clients, ask for references, and ask questions about the contractor’s professional behavior.

Ask for references from close family members or friends, especially if they have completed a construction project.

Check online reviews

In the process of investigating the reputation and work of the contractor that you desire to hire in order to make improvements on any property, be sure to visit the company’s website, including social media pages, and consider third-party reviews or comments, which at end can be a good guide in decision-making.

With the previously mentioned tips in mind, you are likely to get a clearer idea and a better disposition to hire the right contractor who is going to handle your project.

  • In places of 70 square meters, the cost ranges from € 10,000 to 28,000 €.
  • In places of 80 square meters, the cost ranges from € 12.500 to 31.000 €.
  • In places of 90 square meters, the cost ranges from € 14.000 to 35.000 €.
  • In places of 100 square meters, the cost ranges from € 15.700 to 38.600 €.

The price of a certain renovation in the house will always be subject to different factors such as square meters, the type of work being carried out and the final quality desired by the client.

In the case of an integral renovation, prices can range from € 11,000 to 12,000€.

Even so, we always recommend that you contact us to clarify these and other doubts in order to formalize a proposal that suits your needs.

Although prices can range between € 700 and € 1,000 depending on the square meter, these will always vary according to the customer’s requirements when starting the renovation work (parts that he wants to change, renovation of the pipes, the quality of the parts) in summary, all this can make prices vary.

But as always, it will be much more advisable to contact us for a more pleasant conversation and arrive at the best price for you.

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